Wednesday 11 November 2015

Charlwood Design mentors the James Dyson Award Winner

The studio had some great news this week with design student Sarah Heimeier's project developed for a Charlwood Design lead studio with RMIT university industrial design winning the National prize for the James Dyson Award. 

The studio focused on future healthcare innovations and Sarah's device, Jana is a wearable ultrasonic sensor that can monitor an expectant mother and baby’s heartbeat, blood pressure and glucose levels with a focus on helping rural families get better levels of care.

Charlwood Design has now been involved with three semesters with RMIT focusing on connected healthcare, with Paul Charlwood recently giving feedback and insights to the students on their ideas. He was very impressed with the exceptionally high standard of work that came out of an empathetic design process.

More information about the James Dyson Award Winner:


Terry from Safe Direction said...

That is one brilliant design. Now, we can monitor baby’s heartbeat, blood pressure and glucose levels easily. Keep up the innovation!

Allen from Baldwin Industrial Systems said...

wow amazing, this kind of newly develop wearable device technology.

Eric from ASM Driving School said...

What an creative and most advanced design!! Thus its now possible to check child’s heartbeat, glucose level and blood pressure by any end user! Such an incredible innovation!