Thursday 21 May 2015

Melbourne Design Week 2015

As some of you may know, last week was Melbourne International Design week. Charlwood Design was invited by Ideas on Design to create an exhibition for the Melbourne City Square that highlighted the Victorian winners from several of last years design awards.

The resulting exhibition was conceptualized and designed in a matter of days, and with the help of Gavin Bufton and the Ideas on Design team, was neatly put together and installed into the space in a matter of weeks. 

Charlwood Design usually handles a project from the first sketch through to final manufacturing and marketing, so it was quite refreshing for us to handover the final documents and then have the finished product magically appear a few weeks later! Shout out to Gavin and the Ideas on Design team for pulling it all together and turning our concept into reality.

Unfortunately, the exhibition only ran for a week and has since finished- but you can check it out thanks to these great photos from Sarah Anderson.

The original concept presented.

Wednesday 20 May 2015


BlackBOX was a recent exhibition held in Milan that celebrated Melbourne design innovations over the last 150 years. Charlwood Design was lucky enough to both exhibit at and attend the exhibition.

The exhibition, which takes its name from the Melbourne invention that changed the aviation industry, showcased numerous innovations across a broad range of categories. The exhibition itself was a great feat of design and innovation, utilizing the latest in iOS technology to share the stories of Melbourne Design through an interactive digital space.

Charlwood Design was privelaged enough to have two of its past projects featured, with the 321 Water Bottle and the Queens Baton sharing the stage with other iconic designs such as the Bionic Ear and the aforementioned Black Box.

Adam Cornish, Ian Wong FDIA, Paul Charlwood FDIA and Matthew Harding at the opening of BlackBOX

Hills Young Australian Design Award

The Charlwood Design office recently received some great new when we found out that two students from RMIT had become finalists in Hills Young Australian Design Awards.

Sarah Heimeier and Victor Bejan both attended the Charlwood Design Medical Device studio that we ran at RMIT University in 2013 (see here and here). We are pleased to see that both of them have pursued their interest in the Medical Device world!

Sarah has developed a rather clever Remote Pregnancy Monitor aimed at rural women. The system monitors a pregnant mothers body- recording any symptoms, blood pressure readings and development she may have. The information is then sent to their doctors in an effort to reduce the amount of visits needed.

Victors project is an Anaphylaxis Monitor aimed at reducing the life threatening allergic reaction that can happen to sufferers. The wearable device automatically administers adrenalin whilst simultaneously contacting emergency services when an allergic reaction happens. This helps to remove human error, which has previously been the cause of multiple avoidable deaths.

Charlwood Design wishes both Sarah and Victor the best in their future endeavors. It's great to see young designers with a thirst for helping people!